Your challenge

Outlining a complete picture of the assignment and its functional requirements in complex financial projects implemented for our customers. Trendsetting functional solutions you will usually define together with the UX Consultant who makes a concrete translation into the user interaction. Ultimately having the responsibility for the design and description of the functional scope of the solution and its integration with related systems.

With your (developing) knowledge of IT and finance, you will not only analyze the information, but also advising and helping clients prioritize by balancing business value and technical possibilities. You will focus on asking the right questions at the right time in the right way to the customer and other stakeholders, as well you provide your own opinions and suggestions.

It’s not only the client who depends on you, your team counts on you as well. Making choices for the right information need, so your teammates can progress optimally. You are the voice of the customer and effectively clarify the functionalities towards your development and tester colleagues. If required, you take the role of the SCRUM master to maintain the product backlog and sprint backlog. Taking ownership of the outcomes of your work, supporting the implementation process and testing the delivered result until you are satisfied.


  • Little geeky regarding digital: you have good general understanding about web development technologies, Web CMS, Marketing Automation systems, Analytics; 
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills; you connect easily multiple stakeholders across different geographical locations;
  • ‘No surprises’ approach: because of your results-oriented focus you have the ability to identify, track and manage risk.


  • 3+ years of experience in a similar role as functional designer, analyst, business analyst or information analyst (or other experience in functional analysis and customer-facing roles);
  • Understanding and experience with web and mobile solutions, Agile SCRUM and Agile-analysis, and integration with related systems;
  • Experience as a (delegated) Product Owner or SCRUM master. Knowledge of integration aspects or Sitecore are an advantage;
  • Knowledge of trends & developments within the financial sector is an advantage;
  • (Close to) Fluency in Dutch .

Whats in it for you

  • A diverse role with exposure to a variety of projects, customers, financial domains and technologies; 
  • The opportunity and responsibility to come up with innovative ideas and implement them;
  • Freedom to attend conferences, initiate meet-ups, participate in hackathons, etc.
We are serious about what we do and we all work hard, but in between we enjoy to have a good time as well; table football and/or an informal drink? Count us in!
And of course a competitive salary.


  • 1
    Don't hesitate, fill in the form and send in your application!
  • 2
    Review Application
    We will have a look at your profile and contact you by phone or email. Match or no match, you will hear from us within two weeks.
  • 3

    1st Interview
    A chat with our recruiter and a direct colleague to get to know each other and to see if our expectations are aligned. 

    We would like to find out why you would like to work for us, what you are looking for, how you can put your skills into practice. Equally important, what you can expect from us.

    2nd interview
    A chat with two of your possible colleagues where you will go more in-depth in how you will handle the job and gauge your expertise.

  • 4
    After reconsidering the two interviews, you will receive a follow-up regarding the final decision.