Our products

We bring you enterprise ready, future-proof solutions based on industry-leading technology.

Our products

At Virtual Affairs, we transform your digital interactions with your clients. With BankingRight, InvestmentRight and InsuranceRight, your clients will experience an exceptional, personalised experience across all your channels.


Switch on responsive banking

Imagine a bank that adapts to its customers’ ever-evolving circumstances, using multiple channels and usage data to continually improve the customer experience. Imagine a bank that advises, engages, and provides a ubiquitous cross-channel journey for the customer, a bank which operates beyond its branch office map to deliver a truly responsive digital banking experience anywhere, anytime, on any device. Imagine that your bank is driven by actual customer journeys. Making a superior customer experience starts with BankingRight, the cutting edge in digital banking, both web and mobile for retail and SME banks.

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Instant insurance solution for an omni-channel approach

InsuranceRight is the ultimate front-end solution for insurers to reach out to and engage with the next generation of consumers. It enables your marketing team to continuously adapt to the customer journey when it comes to insurance products, streamline decision-making, and accelerate the time to market for new products. This leads to the continuous improvement of online conversion, loyalty and lower operating costs. To boost the digital transformation of your business and modernise how you engage your customers, try InsuranceRight!

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A private bank in your pocket

As millennials continue to inherit the assets held by the generations before them, wealth managers have noted an increasing demand for automated management advice. Given the fact that by 2020, the “technology-savvy” generation will control more than half of all investable assets, private banks and wealth management firms must undergo a fast transition from traditional wealth management to the new “digital wealth” model. By choosing InvestmentRight, you receive a solution that is based on the industry-leading examples of digital wealth management and Robo-advice and delivers you user-friendly and easy to execute functionality for both web and mobile.

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