Many people are unaware of the effect that major ‘life events’ such as moving, cohabitation or marriage can have on their pension. Decisions made now can have far-reaching repercussions in the future. Because of this, Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW) wanted to raise awareness and self-reliance for its present and former employees about their pensions and asked us to develop a new concept for their website.

The idea? Enable pension participants to make the right decisions about their pension themselves. Providing customer-friendly information on the effects of pensions is the basis for this website concept. For this project, we took care of the strategy, concept, and visual and interaction design and developed a responsive website that communicates based on the thoughts and needs of pension participants.

Showing only what is actually relevant

The biggest challenge in this project was to ensure that the amount of complex and often excessive pension information was reduced and geared to the particular needs of specific visitors to the website. Using only a few simple questions regarding life events, participants can now determine their own specific situation. They only see the information and 'call to action' that is actually relevant to them.

This new way in which PFZW provides information helps to improve the self-reliance of pension participants. This also results in fewer questions for the call centre. The overall result? More satisfied pension participants and cost savings for PFZW.

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For and by pension participants

For, we not only put ourselves in the pension participants’ shoes, but truly involved them in the process. The interaction design and layout were extensively tested with potential users. In addition, we also did a ‘main tasks’ analysis. The most important life events, such as marriage, cohabitation, divorce, disability, moving house, and dismissal from employment now form the core of the navigation. This not only creates recognition amongst visitors but also provides immediate clarity on which life events have an impact on pensions.

Providing direction, creating trust

For most people, a pension is not everyday business – it’s important, but too difficult to comprehend. However, pension participants have to be able to provide themselves with an adequate pension based on the right information.

PFZW now explains pensions in a way that is geared to the participant’s perception, in language that is specific, easy and concise. The information is focused on the minimum of what the participant needs to know and arrange (the maximum is not necessary at all).
In this way, PFZW gives control back to the pension participants which creates trust and builds a bond with them through open dialogue and added value.