Knab introduces revamped mobile banking apps

Knab introduces its revamped mobile online banking apps with a fully customised user interface, optimised performance and high level of security. The apps were developed by Virtual Affairs, based on our BankingRight Mobile product.

BankingRight Mobile
BankingRight is designed as a solid standardised product and uses this concept to distinguish itself from many other customised banking apps. Virtual Affairs created a standard framework, supplemented by individual banking business logic, and enhanced user experience. An individually specified, generic API ensures that the app is readily available for each customer, but also provides a lot of freedom in terms of look and feel, as well as modern integration with underlying systems. The customer can always add specific functionalities either in cooperation with Virtual Affairs or independently.

Customer insight
Knab customers can use the new mobile banking app to make payments via a standard SEPA transfer but also to a mobile phone number. Customers also have an overview of their savings accounts, deposits, investment accounts and expenditure. The app also offers a variety of self-service options and, of course, includes an ATM finder as standard. Marcel Kalse, cofounder of Knab: "Thanks to the ease of use and user-friendly design of the app, the relatively simple functions such as checking your balance and making a transfer really stand out. Virtual Affairs turns our ideas into reality. And they have been doing ever since Knab was founded. Since then we have become so attuned to each other that we were able to develop our new app, based on the standard BankingRight Mobile offering, relatively quickly and with maximum flexibility. Although the basic banking features haven’t changed, the new app gives a much better experience, has an improved look-and-feel and is easy to use. The beta versions were received with great enthusiasm and the introduction of both the iOS and Android versions was very successful."


Rogier Saarloos, Solutions Architect at Virtual Affairs, was largely responsible for the architectural design of both the BankingRight Mobile offering as well as the Knab app: “We didn’t build this app in the usual way; the app uses almost all of the functionalities provided by our various BankingRight Mobile frameworks. These frameworks, which eventually come together to create the end product, are built entirely according to our ‘productised concept’ and architecture. This means that everything we build here must also be suitable for other customers to use. This way, we create standardisation, speed and predictability, but also a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. BankingRight gives customers the freedom and choice to customise the app as much or as little as they want in terms of the visuals and functionality. On the one hand, this speeds up processes, and on the other customers can create their own identity without having to make concessions. The app will always be based on our BankingRight range, so that we can continue to ensure things such as performance and security."

Native apps
Security is one of the most important requirements when it comes to mobile banking apps. Besides user experience and performance, this aspect receives much attention during product development and projects at Virtual Affairs. For security matters, the company works with market leaders such as Gemalto, Vasco and Onegini. Robin Peters, Director at Virtual Affairs: "The advantage of native apps is that you can make the best use of all security options, especially if we integrate the SDKs from our security partners. The security of BankingRight is standardised and optimised. The customer doesn’t need to worry about this anymore.” Virtual Affairs deliberately chooses the native approach, in which the major functions and components for iOS and Android are developed natively. Functionalities which are used less frequently and have lower requirements in terms of UI or security are integrated into the app in a hybrid way, allowing BankingRight to have a flexible and cost-efficient structure.

Continued development
Virtual Affairs is cooperating with Knab in the continued development of the BankingRight platform, which is available as both a mobile and web-based application. Work is currently underway on the next product release, involving the development of features such as fingerprint authentication and extensive personalisation. The team is also looking into options for authenticating transactions via a mobile, so that the customer no longer needs a separate card reader. Robin Peters concludes: "Based on our product roadmap and in collaboration with Knab, we are co-investing in an innovative mobile banking application which is also available for other banks in both the Netherlands and abroad. This approach confirms the strategic cooperation that Knab and Virtual Affairs have developed together and that we will also rely on in the future.”

Developing Knab
Virtual Affairs has been involved in the development of Knab since its foundation in 2012. Knab is an online bank that believes that things can be done just a little bit differently in the world of finance. At the time, the FinTech company from Amsterdam developed a customised public environment, the closed customer environment and the current customisable mobile apps for iOS and Android.