InsuranceRight moves forward to GDPR compliance

Virtual Affairs has launched the 4.0 version of her InsuranceRight product. This version of the Sitecore accellerator has been built for Sitecore 9. It enables InsuranceRight users to benefit from the latest Sitecore features, such as GDPR compliance, improved marketing automation and xConnect. InsuranceRight 4.0 also uses Helix design principles, creating a proper modular setup.

'InsuranceRight 4.0 offers technical improvements that will make our clients work a lot easier', thus Enrico Pruis, Business Development Director Insurance at Virtual Affairs. To make sure clients benefit the most from the GDPR improvements in Sitecore, Virtual Affairs added a GDPR workshop to the InsuranceRight offering. In that workshop unique examples of client interaction are given, specifically designed for the finance industry. The workshop offers InsuranceRight clients a framework for their GDPR compliance conversations.

Aside from other benefits, using Helix will enable InsuranceRight clients to outsource maintenance activities to other Sitecore partners with ease. ‘We want to avoid coercing any form of lock-in’, Chris de Vries, Product Lead for InsuranceRight firmly states. ' We believe in the future-proof development Helix secures'.

Another technical improvement is the use of Sitecores xConnect. These API's enable the finance industry to use data collected by contracting systems, advertisement platforms and fintech solutions more efficiently.