Famed enables health care providers to conclude an online factoring agreement within 7 minutes

Amersfoort, November 15, 2018 - Since Autumn 2018 it has been possible for healthcare providers to enter into a completely digitally factoring agreement with Famed. The unique collaboration with Company Info, Forque, Immense, Ondertekenen.nl, Vektis and Virtual Affairs made this digitization possible. A major step forward for healthcare providers; in addition to the enormous time savings, the new method is much more efficient, safer and less error-prone. 

Where it took on average 57 days before a healthcare provider had a signed factoring agreement with Famed, it is now possible to have this factoring agreement in just 7 minutes. After selecting the desired factoring product, the required information is automatically retrieved from the Chamber of Commerce and the AGB register via Company Info and Vektis. This ensure that only authorized healthcare providers can claim via Famed. The automatically generated agreements can then be signed directly by Ondertekenen.nl, an Evidos service, by all authorized signatories. Finally, all data is recorded directly in Afas, the CRM system which Famed works with.

A year to start this online service
The realization of this process has been preceded by an intensive process in which Famed, in collaboration with Virtual Affairs, has worked out in detail the desired process of the factoring agreement. Immense has built the entire process that Famed has been working on for over a year. "We are extremely proud that we have succeeded in offering healthcare providers the opportunity to put together the desired factoring product themselves, to make an offer followed up by signing the necessary agreements online. Fully in line with the time we live in, healthcare providers can now also close their factoring product at their own will. In addition, there is also considerable amount of administrative burden for the internal organization. We would like to save our customers from this burden and make efforts to continuously develop our services." Says Jeroen van Geelen, Business Development Manager Famed.

A deep investment as well for the partners of Famed
Automating such a complex process does not go without its struggles. The partners of Famed also experienced this firsthand. Arthur Duffels (CEO Immense) "The process was well thought out in advance, essential for the system to be well built. Nevertheless, such a project always demands flexibility from the team to fit new wishes. It is cool to see that we have succeeded in integrating with all the necessary parties and helping care a step further in the digitization process." 

About Famed
Since 1988, Famed relieves more than 4,500 care providers from their financial administration. This helps healthcare providers to fulfill their (medical) profession even better, relieved of all billing concerns and with permanently satisfied healthcare consumers and health insurers. For more information see: famed.nl

About Virtual Affairs
Virtual Affairs is an international software and services company specializing in the development, expansion and renewal of digital channels for banks and insurers. For more than 20 years, Virtual Affairs has been committed to creating innovative digital solutions – partly based on its own software products InsuranceRightBankingRight and InvestmentRight – where our customer’s customer is always at the center. We help banks and insurance companies make the difference, not only in more turnover and lower operating costs, but also in customer satisfaction, a distinctive brand experience and optimum user-friendliness. Virtual Affairs is a certified Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner, EMEA Silver Technology Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner. Virtual Affairs is part of We are you.