Angel Petrov is the new manager of Virtual Affairs Bulgaria

Since January, our office in Sofia, Bulgaria has a new manager – Angel Petrov. We are proud to introduce him to our partners and customers.

Almost ten years ago, Angel joined Virtual Affairs as a junior developer. “Virtual Affairs was able to give me exactly what I wanted: a good job on one hand and the possibility to grow on the other. During those first years, I had to learn almost every technology in the Virtual Affairs stack, from Sitefinity through SharePoint to Microsoft CMS and Sitecore. My manager saw that I was able to learn quickly. When a colleague went on maternity leave, I was asked to take my first job as a project lead. I grew into that role and created an opportunity for myself to become a project manager. Then, three years ago, I became a team lead. I was the youngest one (29) in Sofia. Last year something very exciting happened. My manager left his job and I was offered the role of Manager Sofia.”

“There are no limits in Virtual Affairs. If you work hard, everything is possible. You can create your own opportunities.” 
Virtual Affairs Sofia has 50 employees now. “We are not extremely huge (yet) which makes it easier to grow within Virtual Affairs compared to other companies. We also offer flexibility both to our clients and to our own people.”

In his new role, Angel has several priorities. “We will be working on raising the bar of our development and testing processes even further. Also from an organizational perspective we will introduce some changes. For example, we’ll move to more fixed delivery teams which has implications for the entire organisation. In addition, we are aiming to grow the team and fill several current vacancies in Sofia. While we work hard for large financial organisations like Knab and IAK, we always keep our team spirit alive. Last week, for example, we had a barista in our office to serve our employees coffee and every last Friday of the month we go out together.” 

Is it really different to have a Bulgarian instead of a Dutch manager? “Most of the team is happy to have a Bulgarian manager. Someone even told me: ‘This is not just a win for you, but for all of us.’ Not that Dutch management was bad, on the contrary, but having a Bulgarian manager really shows the confidence the board of directors of Virtual Affairs has in more local responsibility.”