We are you. expands services with Virtual Affairs

News 17.5.2018

InsuranceRight moves forward to GDPR compliance

News 27.2.2018

Virtual Affairs creates an online user environment for asset manager Prospery

News 7.12.2017

Virtual Affairs has supported fintech startup Peaks with the development of a new investment app

News 28.11.2017

Dare to let go to grow

News 21.6.2017

Virtual Affairs collaborates with Tjommie Foundation

News 28.3.2017

Angel Petrov is the new manager of Virtual Affairs Bulgaria

News 13.2.2017

Knab introduces revamped mobile banking apps

News 29.11.2016

Reaching out to generation Y via messenger apps

News 24.10.2016

Virtual Affairs strengthens its management team with the addition of Erik Lamers

News 24.10.2016

Van Lanschot improves customer service with a discretionary management app

News 17.10.2016

Aruba Bank introduces state-of-the-art online and mobile banking for the Antilles

News 4.10.2016