Finance Run 2018

Virtual Affairs sponsors the pacesetters at the 2018 Finance Run 

The Finance Run is the first real sporting networking event for the entire financial sector. This edition is once again held at the Amsterdamse Bos on the 7th of September 2018. Employees and clients from banks, insurers, asset managers and many other organizations in the financial industry join this yearly event for the excellent opportunity to do business while enjoying sport, drinks and food. The objective is to promote and support the LEF foundation, a foundation that educates children to make them financially self-reliant. For more information visit

You can run 5K, 10K and for the first time this year you can run a 21K distance. This year Virtual Affairs sponsors the pacesetters. Pacesetters help you achieve a better running time by running at an exact pace. By running along with the pacesetters, you can run the following times:

5K times 10K times
22 min 44 min
24 min 48 min
26 min 52 min
28 min 56 min





For the first time, prior to the event, the Finance Run will organize training sessions in partnership with Runners Physio. More information about the training sessions can be found  on the website of the Finance Run.  

As sponsor we will also be joining the run. Friends of Virtual Affairs are invited to join our team. It's fun and for a great cause! Please let us know you want to participate by submitting the following form. We will contact you about the details. 

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