April 11th, 2019 - VA Forward

Mark your calendars for Thursday April 11th for the second Virtual Affairs event: VA Forward. An informal meeting full of inspirational talks & networking with professionals from the financial and digital world. 

An app with an attitude

The modern consumer more and more favors mobile digital communication over other channels. How do you achieve the most effective mobile communication? How do you serve your clients best without alienating your current client base?  During this edition we discuss these and other questions about mobile communication.

VA Forward takes place on April 11th at the Virtual Affairs head office in Amsterdam. 


During this event we bring you 

- Private banker in your pocket: a case study on the Hof Hoorneman app

- Inspiration: a case study on the Efteling boarding pass app

- Technology decisions: Hybrid, Native or something else?

- Quick wins for your mobile interaction

- Drinks and networking opportunities

If you want to be part of this day and haven't received an invitation, please reach out our marketing department by sending an email. Click on the button.

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