Design Sprint

A tested new business proposition in one week

Bring your ideas to life with a Virtual Affairs Design Sprint. Our Design Sprints combine extensive knowledge of the finance industry and expertise on design. Accelerate your innovation process using this proven methodology.

Why Design Sprint

You have ideas you believe in. But before you can make them a reality you need to go through many channels. You need to arrange meetings with the right people that can help in the process, arrange follow up meetings, involve all the stakeholders and spend time in endless discussions. Often no final decisions are made. At best it can be a lengthy process to develop a service feature that is not proven to be the right one. You are at risk of being caught up by the competition, releasing new features, some similar to yours. 

Design Sprints condense the process and deliver a tested prototype in just one week. It limits your investment and maximizes your results. 

What is a Design Sprint

A Design Sprint is a well structured and facilitated approach to eliminate bureaucracy. We bring all the decision makers together for a compressed process of two full days. After these two days we turn your idea into a reality by building a prototype and we test it on real people to see if it meets your objectives. In four very focused days we help you accomplish months worth of results. This proven methodology has been implemented in many fintech organization due to its effectiveness. 

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What we provide

We facilitate your Design Sprint at our Amsterdam office, allowing you to step out of your everyday routines and opening your mind to thinking outside of your comfort zone. You are guided by one of our experienced facilitators with knowledge of both User Experience Design and the fintech industry. We provide all the supplies and everything else you need throughout the Design Sprint Week.

  • 1
    Day 1 - Map sketch
    Define your business challenge, clarify the goals and sketch solution ideas.
  • 2
    Day 2 - Storyboard
    Review ideas, evaluate them, select the best one and build a step-by-step plan for the prototype and test days.
  • 3
    Day 3 - Prototype
    Turn the storyboard into a realistic prototype.
  • 4
    Day 4 - Test
    Interview customers and learn if your brand new service resonates with your intended audience.

What you receive

A Design Sprint package includes 

  • Experienced facilitator
  • Location and facilities
  • Coffee, snacks and exclusive lunch
  • 4 sprint days
  • Intake and preparation meetings

After the Design Sprint you receive a report with a summary of your Design Sprint and all the valuable ideas and insights gathered during the process. 

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