Dorien van der Linden

Visualization is one of the most effective ways to communicate. I have always believed that and I have always been fascinated by the ways people have visualized complex ideas.

VA Forward: attitude all around

By Dorien van der Linden

On April 11 the second edition of VA forward took place. This event focused on inspiring our clients on multiple levels. We can look back on a successful event. 

First to kick off the meeting was Rogier Saarloos, sharing his views about Native versus Hybrid mobile development. He managed to describe in a relatively simple way the impact of native versus hybrid development.

Native means you develop specifically for the (iOS or Android) device the consumer is using, hybrid means you use one development tool to develop code that then can be used on both iOS or Android.

In this decision, topics like security and top notch interaction battle with ease of use and smart use of resources. It remains a complicated topic, one that a few would have loved to discuss further. We will be facilitating a deepdive for this. Let me know if you want to be there. 


Next, Leonie Janssen Daalen presented the brand new Hof Hoorneman app. Leonie discussed how the app came about, the choices Hof Hoorneman made about the features they wanted to make available, the way they wanted to present it to their clients and how they reflected the Hof Hoorneman identity in their interaction. A beautiful end result and fascinating app. 

After a short break we continued with an inspiring presentation by Jop van Amelsfoort, product owner for the Efteling app. This app includes many features of which Jop highlighted a few. It was inspiring to see how the app brings offline interaction with a ticketing machine and a talking tree together with advanced digital interaction like data analytics and location technology. A great contrast between the Hof Hoorneman app and the Efteling one is that Hof Hoorneman is meant to be used frequently if not every day and the Efteling app is designed to be used only once. Still both strive to meet their clients needs as much as possible. IMG_1165

Ultimately  I had the opportunity to present some suggestions that could drastically improve customer interaction, some of which could be integrated in as little time as one sprint. It was great to see these suggestions resonated with the audience. 

We concluded the evening with drinks and snacks. It can be so valuable to interact with other professionals to get a refreshing perspective on your business challenges, both within the finance industry and out. I'm looking back on a great event and can't wait for our next edition. Save the date for September 12 or make an early bird registration!