Enrico Pruis

Enrico Pruis is Business Development Director at Virtual Affairs "My biggest motivator is allowing the company I work for to be best in class and, at least in some way, contributing to a better world."

5 Proven tips for insurers to be digitally effective

By Enrico Pruis

In this day and age, consumers are getting increasingly more adept in using new technologies. Whether it be food, entertainment, banking or even healthcare, -because of digitization, companies can meet the customer needs anytime, anywhere. However, the insurance market has been resilient to change by introducing new products in the old fashioned way. In order to meet customer expectations, the insurance market will have to embrace digital innovation. Those companies who welcome digital innovation will the reap the benefits of satisfied customers, lower costs and higher growth.

However, digital innovation can be hard to achieve, especially in the insurance market. Therefore, from our years of experience we have collected some of the best tips, from our customer cases, for innovating an existing proposition or starting a completely new insurance proposition or brand.

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