On September 14th, Aruba Bank introduced a renewed digital banking environment for its retail clients. The banking environment has since evolved into a modern, digital, customisable and secure customer service.

Digital optimization

Aruba Bank is engaged in a major programme for optimising its digital customer service experience for both private and business clients which goes beyond simply renewing its website. In fact, this development is a complete make-over from the customer journey to internal processes. The programme includes an extensive digitisation of the mid-office and digital workflows of the bank.

"We have taken a big leap forward. We wanted to automate and optimise our processes and workflows. With that in mind, we created a modernised portal for our customers and a modernised system for processing our customer information. Our main goal is to offer our clients a complete online experience. With this new portal, the client is in control of his or her banking products such as opening accounts and e-banking through an app” says Marc Kwaad, Executive Director Technology and Innovations at Aruba Bank.

To realise this new banking environment, Virtual Affairs worked closely with Five Degrees. Virtual Affairs was responsible for the creation of the public site, the secured environment for clients, and the mobile banking apps for iOS and Android. These developments are all based on BankingRight, the modern front-end and mobile platform Virtual Affairs developed for retail banks, which offers a complete online experience for both private and business customers.

“BankingRight was used to create the desired modern and digital customer journey in which user experience, security, and a short time-to-market are key. Because of BankingRight, this project was completed in a very short time span. In 2017, Aruba Bank will take the next step by optimising the online experience for enterprise customers,” says Marc Kwaad. 

The introduction of mobile banking to the Antilles

Modern digital banking based on a mobile application is a rather new way of interacting with both private and business clients. Clients are still used to face-to-face contact with their banks.

"We want to show that we as an organisation are taking big steps forward. We no longer work with old systems; everything is state-of-the-art. There is a reason why we are the largest and most innovative bank on the island. And that comes with high expectations,” says Marc Kwaad. 

Robin Peters, CEO at Virtual Affairs adds: "Aruba Bank is taking big steps, especially in the field of mobile banking. The focus of this development is on creating the best digital support for physical channels. This, of course, means that it’s absolutely not a substitute for personal contact. However, it enables the customer to make better decisions and provides more possibilities to do business and get in touch with Aruba Bank. Customer service has been improved and this solution offers Aruba Bank more opportunities to interact with its customers in a more relevant and personal way. We are excited to start with online customer service for business clients now that the project for private clients is finished. It is definitely a big deal for us that Aruba Bank is now sharing this experience with its customers in which the customer is offered a true Tier 1 digital experience."

White label setup

During the design and implementation of the BankingRight solution for Aruba Bank, the wish for a ‘white label’ solution was taken into consideration. This means that in the future, Aruba Bank will be able to market new financial products and services from different labels to other audiences quickly. Peters: “With the launch of BankingRight for Aruba Bank, we have proven the flexibility of our product. Together with Five Degrees and Aruba Bank, we have worked to enrich our proposition, especially when it comes to international banking functionalities. We have implemented a product in a geographical region in which we are not physically present. This simply means that our partners and customers can be located anywhere in the world, while still working together efficiently.”