Digital Business transition: This topic will be the central theme on our event, which will take place on Thursday the 19th of March at Hotel New York in Rotterdam. For the past 20 years financials have digitized rather fast, however this was mainly in the field of the digitization of services. Financials have become more digital, but they don’t communicate personal (online). There has become a distance in the way they communicate with their clients. That is strange, because with all the technology we have today, this shouldn’t have to be like this.

On this event Steven van Belleghem, thougth leader in the field of the transformation of customer relationships and author of the book ‘When digital becomes human’ and Menno Lanting; strategist and innovator, will inspire you and tell you all about digital business transitions. Sitecore, Relay42, Storymail & PA Consulting are partners of this event.

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