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A website focused to improve conversion

For over 45 years TVM has been a specialized European insurance company, with cutting edge insurances services aimed at entrepreneurs in the transportation industry. Besides transportation insurances TVM also offers all other company and private related insurance products that entrepreneurs might need.


Challenge: clear and transparent product offerings

TVM to puts its clients first. For that reason the Insurance Company requested of Virtual Affairs to construct a new website which gave a clear and transparent insight into the product offerings. TVM also wanted a stronger focus on the elements that made their service stand out, such as custom advice as well as damage and theft prevention.


Approach: user friendly website with controllable content

With the SiteFinity CMS, Virtual affairs provides a user friendly .Net-Solution to its customers. The graphical design was done by VosLibert, and has strong accents on the masculine appearance that the transportation industry embodies. The graphical design was integrated into the website by Virtual Affairs, while at the same time it was made possible to easily manage content by the moderators through training.


Result: website with an improved conversion rate

We delivered a website that actively contributed to increased conversion rates. The premium is immediately calculated and displayed to the visitor, along with applicable discounts. 

Virtual Affairs implemented the website with the possibility to guide clients directly towards a specific insurance.

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More information needed?

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