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Heineken makes nightlife more fun

After working on a previous project with Heineken, the company entrusted us with yet another major IT project. With over 125 breweries in over 70 countries, Heineken can call itself a true Dutch leader in a global market. With the launch of the brewery provides an interactive portal for the Dutch clubbing audience.


Challenge: a loyalty and community platform

A loyalty and community platform based on Microsoft technology. We started this project in collaboration with Heineken and creative partner Qi, in which Virtual Affairs delivered a major contribution towards the successful cooperation of all business partners involved.


Approach: innovative usage of Microsoft technology

Together with Virtual Affairs Heineken opted for standardized Microsoft based technology. We used Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Commerce Server in a very innovative way. These web based solutions were scalable, flexible and customised to handle large numbers of visitors. Automated links were created connecting different content, and product partners. Amongst the examples are Universal Music (downloads and cd’s) ICS (Heineken Credit Card) and NL Unlimited (information on clubbing). Furthermore Virtual Affairs geared all Heineken’s marketing processes towards the loyalty program.


Result: one-on-one-relationship with consumers

The result is an interactive consumer platform, in which Heineken actively takes part in the consumer’s experience. This allows Heineken to really achieve a one-on-one relationship with consumers. You’re able to purchase tickets for events, buy Heineken products; music downloads, gadgets and special offers, all online. At the same time, Heineken introduces a save and reward system, which allows you to save up e-points. These e-points can later on be used on the website as payment method for special offers and products.

With the creation of, Virtual Affairs was awarded a Dutch Interactive Award in 2010.

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