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Virtual Affairs is an international software and services company that specialises in transforming digital channels for banks and insurance providers. Our flagship products are InsuranceRight, BankingRight, and InvestmentRight. With over 19 years of experience in the world of digital transformation, we’ve been supporting our clients to better understand online behavioural patterns and create an engaging customer journey. When clients work with us, they benefit from a personalised customer experience, increased loyalty, higher conversion rates, and lower time to market. Virtual Affairs is a certified Sitecore Platinum Implementation and Silver Technology partner and a Microsoft Gold partner.

Virtual Affairs. Moving finance forward.

Our products

At Virtual Affairs, we transform your digital interactions with consumers. With BankingRight, InvestmentRight or InsuranceRight, your clients will have an exceptional, personalised experience across all your channels.

  1. BankingRight
  2. InsuranceRight
  3. InvestmentRight
  • In today’s digital world, consumers demand remarkable online experiences. All businesses have to adapt – banks are no exception. Making a superior customer experience starts with BankingRight. It is the cutting edge in front-end technology for retail and SME banks that truly delivers Tier 1 performance out of the box. BankingRight is your ultimate choice for providing an ubiquitous cross-channel journey for the customer across all customer touch points.

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  • To build a world-class system that engages customers and increases efficiency, insurers must identify all the connecting points with consumers and then build consistency and alignment across all of them. By choosing InsuranceRight, insurers receive a sufficiently flexible front-end ahead of the competition. This, in combination with flexible connections to the back-end, means that insurers will be ready for industry game changers like the internet of things. InsuranceRight enables marketers and web content editors to have full control over all aspects of their web platform from advanced personalisation to the full-scope customer journey. It also helps them communicate the benefits of complex products and services more efficiently which streamlines the end-to-end sales process.

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  • Over the last couple of years, the growth of wealth around the world has accelerated and is expected to continue at an average rate of 7.7% through 2017. As a result, new business models are emerging as a younger generation of high net worth individuals (HNWI) becomes more technology-driven and prefers automated advisor and assets management functionality. InvestmentRight empowers your business and drives differentiation in the market through digital client engagement, on-boarding processes integrated with KYC, and 24/7 investment advice.

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A word of thanks from our clients

  • Together with Virtual Affairs, we have set a major step in making the complex product investing, much more accessible and intuitive for our customers.


    Tom Arends, Lead Business Change Manager Investments at Rabobank

  • Virtual Affairs has shown that it can provide a lot of added value for Nationale-Nederlanden. The combination of internet expertise and financial industry domain knowledge makes Virtual Affairs a perfect partner.

    Nationale Nederlanden

    Guido Lankhorst, Managing Director E-Business at Nationale-Nederlanden

  • In a very short period of time Virtual Affairs has designed and built the complete Sitecore e-business platform for us. The conversion rates are really good and it has generated more business for us.


    Eric Nijman, Manager E-commerce & Innovation at Meeùs

  • Together with Virtual Affairs, we have turned the financial industry on its head. We built an entire new cross-channel retail bank from scratch!


    René Frijters, CEO and founder of Knab

  • Virtual Affairs has helped us determining our online strategy and the visualization of the new Deloitte ctrl portal for our services towards small & medium-sized companies.

    Deloitte ctrl

    Gert de Jong, Deloitte ctrl leader

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