The creation of a new online bank, with a capital K that stands for ’the customer is King’. That was our goal when we took on the assignment to create Knab. For nearly two years we worked hard building it: an online bank from scratch. From concept and design to construction and run & change. This proved to be a large, ambitious and complex project, in which we closely collaborated with our partners Five Degrees, Figlo, Sopra Banking Software and Cegeka.

We used the Sitecore platform and Bankingright technology to make it all work. In September 2014 ‘Knab Social’ was launched. A functionality that enables customers to transfer money to someone’s Facebook account or mobile number, without having to know the bank account number. We have developed the software that makes this possible. Knab is the first bank that is using Virtual Affairs’ software.

Cross-channel Retail and SME Banking

Entirely from scratch, we built a complete online bank that takes care of its customers. Both private and business customers (small businesses and the self-employed) can count on Knab for complete online services.

All Knab customers have complete control over their income and assets. For example, they have a comprehensive overview of their financial situation, even with regard to money that is deposited elsewhere. Knab gives tips on tax-effective savings, investments and donations, and alerts its customers on time before they unnecessarily go into the red.

There are no branches or paperwork; everything works via internet and the mobile Knab app. Of course customers can make payments, save money, and make investments. They can also do parts of their personal financial planning themselves, which means lower fees for financial advice.

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Secure, flexible and fast

Design, performance and functionality come together in the website, the secure ‘my environment’ platform, and the apps that we developed for smartphone and tablet. This not only provides a uniform appearance but, more importantly, an optimal user experience across all platforms.

The online environment includes a (video) chat function and complete personal digital archives. The user interface is innovative, intuitive and attractively designed. Both for mobile banking and web. A well-structured dashboard with graphics gives the customer insight into his or her financial status.

Even the speed of the total system is distinctive. Any change or addition of information made by a customer has immediate effect. Users receive instant feedback from the system, without being sent from page to page.

State-of-the-art technology

We took on the design and development of the front-end system, as well as the integration with the back-end and mid-office systems. In cooperation with partners, we delivered a complete solution, using as much standard technology as possible.
The strength of the Bankingright platform, Sitecore DMS and Microsoft technology has resulted in a scalable, flexible and secure system.

A key aspect was achieving optimal security without jeopardising ease of use, since a safe, simple and reliable environment is of prime importance for Knab.


Together with Virtual Affairs, we have turned the financial industry on its head. We built an entire new cross-channel retail bank from scratch!


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