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Virtual Affairs is a software and services company that specializes in transforming digital channels for banks and insurance companies. For over 17 years we’ve been delivering out-of-the-box online solutions that simplify complex processes, create new services, and set new standards in customer intimacy and responsiveness. By building our solutions around proven customer journeys and behavioral data, we can deliver real business impact for banks and insurance companies, and help to delight their customers.

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Best practices

  • We help make your business work harder for you. Not by simply cutting costs, but by developing smarter and more effective ways to reach and engage with your customers through digital channels.

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  • How do you put the consumer experience at the heart of your business? We help create consumer journeys that make life easier — not just for your customers, but for your organization too.

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  • Banks and insurance companies are all looking for meaningful, yet profitable relationships with their customers. We can help move your business from one-off transactions to long-term customer loyalty.

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  • It’s almost a given that financial organizations are digitizing their business. We help you make the right decisions about how and where to innovate - right from the start. This is based on a unique blend of curiosity and 17 years of experience and best practices.

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Our products

The sum total of our 17 years of experience, best practice and learnings are ready to go to work for your bank or insurance company.

  1. BankingRight
  2. InsuranceRight
  3. Sitecore
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    Digital banking isn’t just about building an app or refreshing your website design. Modern consumers want to be able to bank anytime, anywhere, on any device. BankingRight goes beyond simply making a bank’s existing services available online — it changes the way banks engage with their customers. Fast, secure, and easy to integrate with legacy backend
    systems, it offers customers smart new online financial services via a personalised front-end. BankingRight comes in four different packages to suit the needs of any bank that’s looking to transform its online experience and give their customers more power over their money.

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    Help your customers choose the right insurance product and cover quickly and easily. With InsuranceRight, they’ll be ready to drive their new car, or enjoy a worry-free holiday after a single visit to your website. InsuranceRight is front-end software that can help to modernize and simplify the way insurance companies market and sell their products. Efficient and flexible, InsuranceRight combines powerful behavioral targeting and campaigning technology with best practice customer journeys and insurance expertise. It supports multi-channel (web, call and chat), multi-label, and multi-language distribution of property and casualty insurance products, and delivers first-rate sales conversion and real business impact to forward-thinking insurance companies.

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    Our solutions for banks and insurance companies require maximum performance, security and flexibility. That’s why we use Sitecore as the center for most of our solutions. Sitecore is a world leader when it comes to customer experience management software. That’s not just our opinion, that is what Gartner thinks as well. Sitecore is positioned as ‘leader’ in their Magic Quadrant for web content management. The Sitecore Experience Platform empowers personalization and targeting across all digital channels. It’s our commitment to us to create world class, customer-centric, solutions for our customers based on our proven customer journeys and conversion principles.

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A word of thanks to our clients

The cake was great!

  • Virtual Affairs played an important role in the concept development, design and implementation of the website. We were extremely pleased with their partnership, commitment and collaboration.


  • Together with Virtual Affairs, we have set a major step in making the complex product investing, much more accessible and intuitive for our customers.


  • Together with Virtual Affairs, we have turned the financial industry on its head. We built an entire new cross-channel retail bank from scratch!


  • Virtual Affairs helped us by providing advice and by creating our new internet strategy. They have made a significant contribution to the renewal of the Deloitte portal for our SME customers.


  • Virtual Affairs has shown that it can provide a lot of added value for Nationale-Nederlanden. The combination of internet expertise and financial industry domain knowledge makes Virtual Affairs a perfect partner.


Online insurance platform

A platform that allows marketers to provide a flexible and personal online experience to their customers. This platform, designed and implemented by Virtual Affairs, was launched in Slovakia under the name: Onlia.

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